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Cultural Control

Beyond regular prevention treatment, there are a number of ways palm tree owners can look out for their palms.  Following this advice will complement professional treatment and further ensure against re-infestation.

1 - Clean the crown of palms periodically to prevent the decaying of organic debris in leaf axils.

2 - Avoid cuts and injuries.

3 - When green leaves are cut, cut them  approx. 1.2 m away from the base.

4 - Cutting of steps in palms for easy climbing is to be avoided, as this provides sites for weevils to lay their eggs.

5 - As palms affected by leaf rot and bud rot diseases are more prone to weevil infestation, they are to be treated with suitable fungicides; after that, application of any insecticide to prevent egg laying by weevils is essential.

6 - Destroy all dead palms harbouring the pest by cutting and burning.