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Host Palms

The weevil’s “favourite trees” are Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm) and Phoenix dactylifera (Date Palm) – but they’ll attack other palms too. Environmentalist Antonio Lambe has become quite an expert on Red Palm Weevil in the Algarve – even advising his local Silves Town Council on how to tackle the pest, and helping scientists in the US build up a DNA database on the weevil as it progresses across the globe.

Lambe has managed to identify a total of 40 species that can be infected by the beetle, as well as two non-palm hosts. The list, so far, is as follows, but he tells us, it is liable to grow over time:

1. Areca catechu Betel (Nut Palm)
2. Arenga saccharifera (Sugar Palm)
3. A. engleri (Dwarf Sugar Palm, etc.)
4. A.  pinnata (Sugar Palm)
5. Bismarckia nobilis (Bismarck Palm)
6. Borassus flabellifer (Toddy Palm)
7. B. sp (Palmyra Palm)
8. Brahea armata (Mexican Blue Palm, etc.)
9. B. edulis (Guadalupe Palm)
10. Butia capitata (Wine Palm, etc.)
11. Calamus merrillii (Rattan Palm)
12. Caryota cumingii (Philippines Fishtail Palm)
13. C. maxima (Giant Mountain fishtail Palm)
14. Cocos nucifera (Coconut Palm)
15. Corypha utan (= C. gebanga, C. elata) (Gebang Palm)
16. C. umbraculifera (Talipot Palm)
17. Chamæerops humilis (European Fan Palm)
18. Elæis guineensis (Oil Palm)
19. Livistona australis (Australian Fan Palm)
20. L. decipiens (Ribbon Fan Palm)
21. L. chinensis (Chinese Fan Palm)
22. L. saribus (= L. cochinchinensis) (Serdang Palm)
23. L. subglobosa
24. Metroxylon sagu (Sago Palm)
25. Oncosperma horrida (Nibong Palm)
26. O. tigillarium (Nibong Palm)
27. Phonix canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm)
28. P. dactylifera (Date Palm)
29. P. roebelinii (Pygmy Date Palm)
30. P. sylvestris (Indian Date Palm)
31. P. theophrastii (Cretan Palm)
32. Pritchardia pacifica (Fiji Palm)
33. P. hillebrandii (Molokai Fan Palm, etc.)
34. Ravenea rivularis (Majesty Palm)
35. Roystonea regia (Royal Palm)
36. Sabal umbraculifera (Hispaniolan Palmetto)
37. Trachycarpus fortunei (Chusan Palm)
38. Washingtonia filifera (California Fan Palm)
39. W. robusta Mexican (Fan Palm).

Syagrus romanzoffiana (Queen Palm), if injured

Non-palm hosts.

Agavaceae: Agave americana (Century plant)
Poaceae: Saccharum officinarum (Sugar cane).